Together with you we create your wonderful kitchen

The personal design of your kitchen is distinctive in every detail. We include all facets in terms of design, functionality and also your personal lifestyle in the design and creative process. In the end…we make the most beautiful kitchen together.

The kitchen is increasingly becoming a reflection of who you are. Our clientele travels quite a lot, they meet many cultures and develop their own taste. The kitchen is a very important place in their home. It will be our pleasure to give it ‘a personal touch’.

How unique do you want your kitchen?




The way you use the kitchen, how you prepare the food and how you want to cook. This all is changing rapidly. Moreover, nobody is the same. These are all kind of aspects that the Creative Team of Kitchen Lab Amsterdam takes into account, in designing your kitchen. We want to create a kitchen that is unique, but also aesthetically and ergonomically perfect.

A kitchen with our signature quarantees more pleasure, it will be the place where your family and friends like to be. For a wonderful cooking together event, but also for social meetings.

In every facet the new kitchen will add value to your home.


Of course Kitchen Lab Amsterdam only uses the best materials for your kitchen. Real wood, unique marbles or wonderful granite, and the best quality lacquers available in the furniture industry. In addition, we work with suppliers who produce environmentally conscious and try to be CO2-neutral as much as possible.



Together we make the most beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen Lab Amsterdam has decades of experience in planning and installing kitchens within a wide budget, but also within a wide taste palette. Your kitchen must fit in every aspect! In your home, with your personality and certainly with your way of cooking. But also what you expect.

With a sense for detail, knowledge of materials and a listening ear for your specific wishes; this is the basis of the right balance between quality and design. We only can create together if the communication between us is more then outstanding. You will love to create your kitchen together with us.


The Team of Kitchen Lab Amsterdam ensures you that your kitchen becomes one with the rest of your home. The materials we use will be matching perfectly with the rest of your interior. Symetry and perfect design will bring balance into your interior.